Nantwich Nursery
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About Nyehome

Educational, Physical and Emotional Development

In our experience, the best way to enable a child to develop is to ensure that activities during the course of the day at nursery are fun whether those activities be educationally focused or take the form of physical play.  The environment provided at each nursery is specifically designed and planned to ensure that development needs are met.  Both indoor and outdoor facilities are available and each nursery has planned activities for movement, dance and personal expression, all of which are monitored and assessed on a frequent basis.

Safety and Security

At Nyehome, we take the health and safety of children who attend and other visitors and staff very seriously.  Our premises are risk assessed on a regular basis and all facilities and equipment kept in a good, clean and efficient state.  We recognise the need to balance the desire to enable children to develop physically in an environment with the need to keep them safe during that ongoing process.

Listening to our Parents needs – a flexible approach

We appreciate that all parents have different needs when arranging childcare.  In particular, we understand that some parents require flexible arrangements to accommodate for example, shift patterns.  If that is you, we can help!  Please contact the Nursery Managers  on the phone or via the ‘contact page’ and they will  be delighted to accommodate your needs.