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Comments from our Parents

Below are recent comments from parents at Nyehome.

Clatterbridge Nursery has been Nominated for an award by the National Day Nursery Association and some of the comments are those made by parent voters. 

All the staff are very caring and every morning our children can’t wait to go to the nursery. That says it all! They provide fantastic environment for the kids to play and learn. Great nursery.

The staff at Nyehome Clatterbridge seem to really love working with children. It’s a homely and very visual nursery and the staff all have a very good understanding of each child’s needs and daily activities. They always take the time to update parents on how their child’s day has been; they don’t just write it in the book and wave you out of there as quickly as possible which is appreciated when you might have been a bit worried about how your little one has been getting on, especially during the early settling-in weeks. In the short space of time **** has been going to the nursery (about 6weeks), the manager and deputy manager have transformed the baby and toddler room into a wonderful baby sensory experience. It was already a very welcoming and soothing room, and one of the main reasons that my husband and I chose to send **** to the nursery, but it’s now been enhanced even further with twinkly lights, lots of black, white and red colours, textures and soft play toys. It looks absolutely brilliant and the babies all love it! **** seems very happy with every member of staff; lots of big smiles for each of them and never any tears when I take him in. They encourage **** to participate in stimulating activities that I may not even have attempted at home with him until he was older, such as painting. I admit to being very emotional when I was presented with his first painting! Lindsey the manager is a real asset to the company. She is incredibly hands on and always thinking of new activities and visual stimulation for the babies. She is always in the loop on what every child has been up to that day. She has a great team in place supporting her, especially Jenny the deputy manager and the rest of the baby and toddler room staff who are all so lovely. (I know the staff in the older room are lovely too!) I have been very impressed with Nyehome since the day I first visited it whilst I was pregnant. When I revisited it almost a year later, Lindsey remembered me and that also played a contributory role in us selecting Nyehome for ****.

Nyehome staff are really knowledgeable about weaning and developmental activities so it’s been great to talk about ****’s progress and feed into plans they have to do more of x, y or z with him. Especially trying new foods, which are always nutritionally balanced. I love the Link to Home book, which is a daily record of his activities, including feeding, sleeping and nappy updates. Always make for any interesting read with a cuppa! The Chit Chat book is a great chance for ****’s key worker to keep us updated on ****’s achievements and plans of what they will next be focussing on with him, and vice versa anything exciting we notice or do with him at the weekends. **** is enthralled by the other children and he is already more inquisitive and much more active as a result of being with lots of babies and toddlers. My husband and I couldn’t be happier with Nyehome or speak more highly of it. They would be very deserving winners of the NDNA Awards. We wish them every luck with the process and hope that they get the recognition that they merit.

It is a wonderful nursery where the staff are great. My daughter was previously in a different nursery where she didn’t settle at all so I was a little nervous trying another nursery but she has loved it since her first day and I feel that the nursery staff develop her in every way they can, whether it be her speech, potty training or physical development. I cannot praise the nursery highly enough.

My daughter is encouraged to eat well, yet understands treats. She has also been taught to recognise lots of different foods and often comes home telling me that she was shown a new item of food that day. She is also encouraged to be fit and active.

This nursery has brought ******’s progress on leaps and bounds. She comes home each day and has learned a new skill. The biggest compliment I can give about the nursery is that ****** enjoys it, which is the most important thing for a parent.

The nursery provides healthy meals at mealtimes and the children are encouraged to eat a variety of healthy foods. They are also kept active by playing outside.

My granddaughter really enjoys the nursery. She has been very settled since day one and each day I see her progressing more and more.

My granddaughter enjoys telling me about fruit and vegetables. She has also been learning about flowers.

I feel Nyehome is a fantastic nursery. The staff are very helpful and friendly. My child always seems very happy going and when I pick him up he seems very content. They have helped him learn and progress.

Nyehome have a wonderful routine for my son that they stick to daily. He gets plenty of exercise and fresh air weather permitting. The meals provided are healthy, well-balanced and nutritious.

They are a fantastic nursery with excellent staff. They really care about the children and go above and beyond to look after them and help them to have fun. My daughter has been going for over 3 years and absolutely loves the staff and the nursery. My son has only just started but is more than happy to be there.

The staff are great, friendly easy going, and have lots of energy, they are committed to their work and the health and safety of children whilst providing a loving and stimulating environment. They work long hours and are very busy but always smiling and happy. My two children love going and even ask to go there at the weekend

They play outdoors a lot, eat healthy foods in the menu , have healthy snacks such as apples and fruit and the children learn about healthy options

Brilliant nursery my son has attended since he was nine months old, his development has been outstanding. Caring staff and a very clean and safe environment

Very healthy home cooked meals and freshly prepared snacks. Water offered no sugary drinks.

I think Nyehome should be awarded as nursery of the year as; since my son has attended nursery he has come on in leaps and bounds. They have encouraged ****’s development in every way. They also involve parents in many events so we can see these developments. Also to give us the opportunity to see the relationship he has with the members of staff especially his key worker Kate.

**** is encouraged to eat healthy as the meals he has are all freshly made on a daily basis. I can see this at home he has a well balanced diet as he enjoys healthy food and i believe this is thanks to Nyehome. I always receive a daily diary of what **** has eaten and how much.

This nursery is the best nursery care provider I have come across. I have 5 children and only wish I knew about the Nyehome staff and ethos years ago. They work incredibly hard with our precious children and deserve to win. Would highly recommend

I feel that Nyehome Nursery School deserves to be NDNA Nursery of the year for the following reasons. Our son ***** started at Nyehome when he was just over five months old, he will be three years old in May this year and is now a lovely little boy, with a great character. ***** is an only child and without all the support of the staff at Nyehome we don’t believe he would have developed as well as he has. My partner **** and I have always praised all the staff for the work they’ve done with *****, they have been brilliant and we can’t thank them enough. The Nyehome staff team is amazing and definitely deserve to win!

Nyehome promote healthy/positive lifestyles in the following areas; Dietary wise the children have a healthy diet, (i.e. meals/snacks/drinks that include protein, vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates. fats, essential vitamins and minerals) ensuring an excellent dietary intake for the children. Additionally the staff ensure that the children have indoor/outdoor play including various activities, i.e. painting, drawing, reading, water/sand/soft play, jigsaws. Playing in outdoor area on bikes, with football, skittles, slides.


“My daughter loves to tell me about her day at nursery, her favourites are French, Circle Time, Crafts and all the time she spends with her friends.”

“It’s all down to the wonderful staff.  We couldn’t be happier with Nyehome for our childcare and first learning experiences.”

“Nyehome Nursery are excellent in achieving our child’s needs with having eczema, allergies and asthma.”

“I have always been really happy with Nyehome for all three of my children.  The standard of care and education has been outstanding.  I have also sampled the food they serve to children which is excellent.”

“My son loves the wide range of activities and outdoor play.  He is progressing very well.  I am in the parents’ group which is a great opportunity to support the nursery.”

“The nursery has always been very flexible with my shift pattern at work.”

“The food is excellent.  A wide range of meals and caters for my child’s food intolerances exceptionally well.”