Tweenie Room – 0-2 years

The Tweenie room is for children aged between 0-2years on a staff to child ratio 1:3. The children are cared for by key workers who provide stability for both children and their parents.  We try to follow children’s home routines as much as possible, as it helps to build trust and confidence between child and carer.  As the children get older, they will adapt to the nursery routine that is displayed on the door of each room.

We record all details to allow us to share with parents their child’s day at nursery, what they have eaten and drank, the times of their nappy changes and sleeps and what experiences they have been involved in.

Our Tweenies are offered a wide range of activities to encourage and stimulate their natural curiosity. Each day the Tweenies have the opportunity to join in various activities for example sand, pasta, water play, painting, play dough, role play, all under close supervision.  These activities are planned using the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

For the younger babies, parents are required to bring in bottles with separate formula and water and it will be clearly labelled with their child’s name. Bottles are kept in our fridge until feeding time.  The Tweenies have a healthy snack in the morning e.g. fresh fruit and milk, a homemade cooked lunch and desert and a snack tea.

Our Tweenie room also consists of a sensory area with soft matting, fairy lights and toys for the children to enjoy some quiet time.