Toddler Room – 2-3 years

Our Toddler room is for children aged between 2 and 3 years and is staffed on a 1:4 ratio in large playrooms incorporating the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We encourage the children to express themselves through a wide range of activities and the rooms are designed to encourage the children to further develop their social and emotional skills as well as promote independence.

Our book area encourages communication and language development. The children enjoy singing nursery rhymes and songs.

Our music area has a variety of instruments for the children to play and there are lots of opportunities for song time.  All this encourages their expressive development as they learn to role-play and invent their own music.

At the writing table children are encouraged to draw their own pictures using a variety of materials e.g. pens, chalks, stencils etc

We provide a variety of jigsaws, puzzles and games tailored to different stages of development, to improve hand-eye co-ordination, stimulation and concentration.

The tables are host to small construction toys such as wooden blocks, stickle bricks and duplo to increase control of fine movements of the fingers and hands to encourage children to learn colours, shapes and numbers.

The messy area consists of sand and water to encourage exploration of the senses and the understanding of different properties of materials as well as an art & craft table where your child will have the opportunity to investigate and use a variety of media and techniques such as painting, drawing & printing or modelling with paper junk and play doh.

Art & craft opportunities allow the children to express their thoughts and feelings through their work and any of these activities can be undertaken either on their own or with friends.

The children follow a daily routine and take part in both structured and child led activities which are observed for each child’s individual record of development. The staff team and parents work together, striving for the best possible care for each and every individual child.

The children experience outdoors in all weathers and have direct access to an outside area that has soft tarmac and a grassed area.

Within our rooms we have our own nappy changing room, children bring their own nappies and cream and wipes are supplied by the nursery.  We also have beds with individual blankets for the children who choose to sleep.