Pre School – 3-5 years

Our Preschool room is for children between 3 and five years.  The room is run by our own Teacher who holds an Early Years Teaching Qualification. Our staff team promote independence, self-awareness and stimulate the children’s desire to learn through the planning and observation process.

Staff complete monthly learning journeys with observations to ensure that they are maintaining high standards at all times.

Staff in the preschool room follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

The Pre School room also has the opportunity of a French teacher every Friday morning for an hour’s session covering colours, numbers, animals etc.

The children have a wide selection of books including fiction, non-fiction, atlas’s, poems etc. Children are encouraged to read books not only in the reading area but in other areas too.

The children are encouraged to sign in every morning when they come to nursery by finding their name on a card and sticking onto the board inside the preschool room. This helps develop their name recognition skills.

Resources are very open for children to choose. Within our writing area children have easy access to pens, pencils, rubbers, chalk, magnetic letters, paper, notepads etc.

We also have mathematical area where children can explore different resources such as calculators, rulers, weights, numbers, shapes, counters, scales, colours etc

Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible including personal hygiene. Throughout Snack times and mealtimes children are encouraged to remember to wash their hands. Children also enhance their independence by choosing their own snack and lunch, placing it onto their plate and pouring their own milk/water.

Children are provided with an “All About Me” book and are encouraged to write and draw about what they have done at home.

We also have a large outdoor area which the children access daily in all weathers, this includes a large sandpit, climbing frame, outdoor playhouse, mud kitchen, growing area and a new forest area for the children to explore.