Nantwich Nursery
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A warm welcome to Nyehome Nursery Schools

Nyehome was established in 1966 to provide good quality childcare to busy parents. Mrs Nora Connolly, a former nursing sister, recognised the need to provide a safe and stimulating environment for children to enable them to develop socially, educationally and emotionally.

Celebrating 50 Years Of

Nursery Care

Whilst a great deal may have changed over the years, the core values of Nyehome remain the same.  Nyehome continues to strive to ensure that children develop and flourish within their own personalities.  Group sizes have been kept to a minimum so as to ensure that children have as much individual attention as possible whilst learning to develop social skills with others.

Each of our buildings is specifically designed to enable the nursery to operate in a safe, stimulating, friendly and homely way.

 Latest Ofsted Reports

Below you will find link to the latest Ofsted Reports for our Nursery.  The report can be downloaded as a PDF.  Should you require further information on any of the reports, please contact the manager at the nursery or email us via the ‘contact page’.

Nantwich Nursery Report